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“We can’t thank you enough for helping us learn how to train our adolescent puppy, Kaz. The younger of two dogs in our house, Kaz was becoming increasingly territorial and aggressive on leash. Because we live across from a school, we feared Kaz running out into the street, or worse, going after one of the school kids. We knew from his unwillingness to respect our boundaries, that we weren’t training him correctly.

My wife and I were in agreement after finding your website and reading the testimonials. Your humane approach to training was what we found most refreshing from other more aggressive dog behaviorists. I called the following day, and we have never looked back. After two sessions, the difference in Kaz is night and day. We are able to anticipate and avoid his manipulation of the situation. We can now take pleasant walks with both of our dogs at heel without Kaz running around like a maniac. Not only does he obey our commands and respect the set boundaries, he is much more receptive to new training. We’re still working on chasing birds and squirrels, but his improvement is profound.

Our goal was to help our dog before something serious happened; you taught us how to be better dog-owners. We highly recommend your service to anyone who loves and respects their four-legged friends. Your simple, logical, and safe techniques of working with our dogs helped us immensely and gave us the confidence we needed. Thank you.” By TJ & Tyler Nathan

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“I was apprehensive about dog training because I thought it might break my dogs spirit. After all, they had a tough start. Both were rescued and I wanted them to feel loved and cared for. However when both dogs started exhibiting aggressive behavior, I knew I needed help. From the moment, Karma and Holden met David there was calm.

David has the unique ability to instantly access behavior in both the dogs and humans. He customized training to appeal to both animals specific personalities and the results are phenomenal! They actually like it. Thanks to David, Karma and Holden are not only well behaved and alert, they’re happier. My good dogs are now great dogs!” By Lisa Joyner Host “9 on the Town” Reporter KCBS-TV

“I have two shelties with different problems- one a problem barker and the other with aggression towards other dogs. It was so satisfying to see results before my eyes within minutes of David working with the dogs. His techniques are tried and true and easy to follow on your own. One might expect a trainer to have quick results, but is so rewarding to use techniques on your own and get the same results. After only two sessions the difference in my dogs behavior is amazing. We love our dogs and want what’s best for them, David has given us the tools and we are all much happier and more peaceful.” By Susan Scott, West Los Angeles

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“Thank you, David! When our daughter, Sophie, was to be born, we were nervous, knowing that our dog, Teddy had been aggressive toward people and other dogs. Everyone was telling us to give him away before we had a real problem on our hands. With your help, Teddy has become a “model canine”. He now walks perfectly at our side, stays when told, and we no longer fear that he is aggressive. He’s stopped lunging at the mailman, ignores other dogs on his walks, and allows visitors to enter the house without incident. We, not Teddy, are finally in charge of the family. And you accomplished all this by showing nothing but love and kindness to Teddy. When Sophie arrived, Teddy welcomed her into the family with lots of licks. We are truly a happy, confident family, thanks to you.” By Steve Hummel and Lori Strauss, Sophie, and Teddy

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