Dog Remedy: Dog Behavior and Training

Dog Behaviorist

Our private lessons are designed to open a line of communication between you and your dog. At Dog Remedy we provide dog behavior modification programs for dog aggression, dog barking, dog and puppy separation anxiety, fears, phobias, hyperactivity, and other common dog behavior problems. We also offer private in-home dog training solutions for obedience and new puppies.

Your Dog is Our Priority

Our training techniques have been compared to the mirror dog training method, however, we take a truly gentle dog training approach. No ineffective quick fixes, scruff shakes, alpha rolls and dangerous dog training collars are used. These methods are all a thing of the past and in most cases dangerous for dogs. We specialize in rehabilitating aggressive, abused, shy, fearful and rescued dogs in a more holistic and natural way. We do this by creating interactive environments that engage your dog’s senses, and by improving interaction and communication between you and your pet. Learn more about Dog Remedy.

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