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“Mr. David Reinecker trains animals from the heart. He uses the gentle response training method which he developed. His method is quick, to the point and the animals respond rapidly to his technique. As veterinarians we are well aware that up to 80% of animals adopted are returned to the shelters do to aggressive behavior, and biting and barking problems.

His method saves lives. When owners can not handle their new pets because of some behavior problem they are often returned to the shelters or abandoned. New owners often do not know the proper technique or training methods that allow for the strengthening of the human animal bond. David helps this bond to grow.

I recommend David to all my clients and those who have tried him could not be happier.” By Kenneth Jones, DVM, Santa Monica, CA

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“For us to incur the expense of bringing a dog trainer from Southern California all the way to Mississippi, you may correctly conclude that the “pets” had taken over the house. The two four-year old Golden Retrievers, Jake and Allie who are brother and sister, were both good-natured but undisciplined. Fortunately, they had outgrown the puppy phase without too much damage to our home but were a consistent nuisance with their barking and jumping on people as well as on doors when they wanted to leave or enter the house.

This amicable standoff ended last year when we became the foster parents of a white Labrador Retriever and a Weimaraner. A conspiracy quickly developed with the synergy between the two older goldens who were defensive of their turf and the two male pups who were little “hell raisers”. Our home quickly suffered collateral damage as the four initiated a coup d’etat to take over control of the family.

David helped to save our home as well as our sanity. Within minutes he was able to identify the cause of many of their annoying habits and then train us to interact with them in a more effective manner. His approach, rather than using punishment or bribing with treats, encourages bonding with one’s pets.” By Pattie and Marshall Molen PhD., Starkville, Mississippi

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“I recommend David to all dog owners, especially those who have tried everything else without success. He is kind, humane, and highly effective immediately. Most dog trainers don’t understand how complicated family and social dynamics affect dog behavior. David knows how to best train a particular dog in a particular family. He has wisdom with people as well as dogs, and that is why his methods work so well. Our dog was aggressive by nature, and, sadly, we were planning to give him up. With some new tools from David, we are able to enjoy the parts of his personality we love so much. We were all more relaxed after his visit, and six months later, we are still able to keep our dog.” By Shelly Villata

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“Dear David, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an extraordinary job you’ve done with both my boxers, Bruno and Lola. It’s amazing to me how well they both took to your methods and have become perfect models of obedience…Even Lola, who was so stubborn and unruly, has become the most obedient puppy.

What amazes me most, is that each dog has opposite personalities and started training with you at different ages, but the effect of your training principles has been working for both.” By Duncan Paterson

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