In-house expert David Reinecker is known as one of the best dog behaviorists in the city, if not the nation. CBS News, Los Angeles

My dog is so much happier and relaxed. I am so grateful to Dog Remedy for their help for my dogs and myself. Janice Brownback, Los Angeles, CA

I strongly recommend that anyone with a pet with behavioral problems seek out David Reinecker for his caring expertise. Howie Baker, DVM

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“While walking my two beautiful, but willful Westies one day, I saw a neighbor who was walking her rescue Shepard mix, Angel. We used to swap stories about how smart but disobedient our dogs were, how exhausting walking them was and how difficult, if not impossible it was, to train them. To my astonishment, Angel was walking calmly and quietly by her side and was following all her commands. I asked her how her dog could have changed so drastically in just two weeks and she told me about Dog Remedy and David Reinecker.

I immediately checked out David’s web site ( It all looked too good to be true and I did not call him about training my dogs for several more weeks due to my previous bad experience with other dog trainers.

When I brought Duffy, my first Westie home, he cried incessantly for the first week. I was at my wit’s end and hadn’t slept all week. My boss suggested that I bring Duffy to another trainer. What a mistake. Before the other trainer came out, his assistant talked me into buying 8 videotapes, 3 books and a leash for almost $200.00. As soon as the trainer saw my little 8 week old 3 lb. puppy, he threw him on the ground, held him down forcibly and shoved his finger down the dog’s throat. I said “what the hell are you doing???” and he said “he is neurotic, needs to be dominated and needs to get used to having someone shove pills down his throat”. I grabbed my little shaking puppy and left.

Then David came along. He was exactly what the pups and I needed: a calming, gentle, loving approach to dog training. Miraculously, after only 3 lessons, the dogs are not only so much better behaved, but happier, too. Friends and neighbors who know my dogs cannot believe the change in the them in such a short period of time. Their incessant barking ceased (a miracle in itself), they walk calmly by my side instead of pulling the leash all over, they don’t bolt out the front door and they are calmer and incredibly obedient. Due to David’s calm, loving, no nonsense approach, even though they are well behaved, they haven’t lost their fun Westie spirit.

I highly recommend David to anyone who wants their dogs trained in a strong but kind and loving way. He gets results immediately. It is the best money I could have ever spent on these loving dogs.” By Diana P. Muscianisi, Culver City, CA

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“When I relocated to an apartment in Los Angeles from an East Coast country property with many acres of land, I knew the adjustment would be difficult. It proved quite a challenge for my seven and a half year old German Shepard Harley rescued from a shelter when he was six. Harley started barking at all the street sounds and many noises he heard. Soon my neighbors began complaining and writing nasty notes so I had no choice but to seek expert help. It took just one lesson with David to completely cure this problem. The techniques were gentle, supportive and easy to incorporate into a busy life style.

Although I needed help from David for the barking issue, I received additional advice and training that radically changed Harley’s life. Unfortunately he had a history of severe abuse and neglect culminating in his abandonment and being locked in a basement. It took a long time for him to become comfortable and affectionate with me after his rescue. He never could relax around others, was shy and withdrawn and always terrified of men. As a psychotherapist trained to work with traumatized children, I knew the long range effects of prolonged abuse. David offered many ideas to help Harley learn to relax and self-sooth, all of them making sense with my background as a therapist except tailored to a doggy mentality.

Today I have a happy, healthy loving pet. He goes on hikes with my family freely socializing with other people and dogs. Best of all the look of fear that was in his eyes is gone. Thank you David for giving Harley the ability to enjoy the happy life he deserves.” By Wynne D. Alexander, MSW

“David has been an excellent resource and a great help to our clients with pets that have behavioral problems. His enthusiasm for his work and his ability to quickly assess and treat those animals is of great benefit to our clients. David is extremely personable and works well with our animal friends and as importantly works well with their humans. I strongly recommend that anyone with a pet with behavioral problems seek out David Reinecker for his caring expertise.” By Howie Baker DVM, TLC Pet Medical Center, West Hollywood

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“Hi David,

We are so happy with the training you did for our beloved rescue dog Casper (yellow lab mix). He was so stressed at the end of my pregnancy and when I brought our newborn son home that he stopped eating. He also became very tense and over protective of my baby–he would get between me and the baby and whoever got near us. This was a huge problem when family visited or when our baby nurse came everyday. In just two sessions he was a new dog. Your gentle holistic approach calmed him and he started eating again and relaxed his attitude. We were able to follow your instructions and get him “normal” again. He has even become a friend to my baby nurse. Thank you for helping us during a most stressful time. We were at wits end and you came when we needed you most.” By New Mom, Justine

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