Dog Aggression Training

Dog aggression training is not the same as teaching your dog basic obedience commands. Aggression is a serious dog behavior problem that can lead to situations such as a family member or someone else being bitten. Managing aggresive dog behavior is best left to a professional to help you and guide you through the process.

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Expert Help for your Aggressive Dog

Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Specialist, David Reinecker, specializes in developing behavior modification plans for all forms of canine aggression. As a dog aggression training expert with more than 30 years of experience, David works with the dog and the family to determine the psychological and environmental causes of dog behavioral problems.

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Private Aggressive Dog Training in Los Angeles

An extensive in-home assessment is the first step in developing an individualized behavior modification plan to address your dog’s aggression problems. Programs vary significantly based on the individual needs of each client and his/her dog. Each situation is different because each dog has it’s own personality and the environment of the place where the dog is living influences it. We work with all breeds and ages. The owner will learn how to reduce and prevent dog aggression towards people, animals, children and other circumstances that can cause a threat.

We will determine if your dog has one or more of the types of aggression and will work with you and your family to manage such behavior.

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Our Golden Rule about Dog Aggression

Although aggression in a dog can be serious and dangerous, there are methods that can help your dog to overcome this problem and become better managed and controlled. Obtaining professional help can make life much easier for you as well as for your dog.

At Dog Remedy, we are committed to saving dogs’ lives. We do not believe that euthanasia is ever the solution for a problem dog. No dog trainer should give you any kind of recommendation about your dog and any behavioral issue without first conducting an in-home evaluation. It seems this has become a normal practice among dog trainers in the Los Angeles area as many do not have experience with aggression cases or they are simply afraid of aggressive dogs. Many times, dog trainers will advise owners to put aggressive dogs down even when they are just a puppy. This is not the solution or an acceptable business practice. Please feel to call us to discuss alternatives other than just sending your dog away.

Preparing your Dog for a Behavior Modification Session

Prior To the First Appointment. Your dog should be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian for medical factors which may influence or contribute to your pet’s behavior problem. Any medical conditions should be taken care of before your appointment date.

The Day of the Appointment. It is important for us to observe your dog’s normal energy levels, therefore only short walks are recommendable before the session. Please avoid over-exercising and visits to the park or day care.

You can feed your dog up until 2 hours before the session.

Recommended Equipment. Recommendations for specialized equipment, supplements or food will be discussed during the appointment.

What to Expect. An in-home assessment will help us determine your dog’s strengths and areas of need. We will observe your dog in various settings and during the most difficult parts of the daily routine.

After the assessment an individualized behavior modification plan will be developed outlining practical solutions for change. We will guide you in how to implement the plan.

Follow-Up. In order to achieve the best success, it is critical that you follow-up with us after your appointment to update us on your dog’s progress and to ask any questions that arise during implementation of the behavior modification plan. You can call our office or submit your feedback via email.

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