Dog Containment and Best Friend Fences: A Safe Alternative

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One of the easiest ways to prevent dog escaping behavior is to keep our dogs safely confined inside a fenced yard. But what kind of fence is best? If you want to keep your dog safe and maintain an attractive yard, you might think of two options, a traditional fence or an electronic one, but there is actually a better alternative.

Why You Should Avoid Electronic Fences

Electronic fences work on the system of a buried cable in the ground. Your dog must wear a collar at all times for this system to work. A transmitter on your property sends a signal to your dog’s collar. When your dog gets too close to the buried cable he receives a shock to make him move away from the boundary and stay in the yard.

A professionally-installed electronic fence can be quite expensive. The batteries in the dog’s collar must be replaced often, depending on how much your dog tests the boundary. They are also expensive and must usually be purchased from the electronic fence company.

Some dogs can be hard to train using the electronic fence system. Such fences claim to be highly effective, but it only takes your dog getting out once for him to be injured or killed.

In addition, these fences have the enormous drawback that they keep your dog inside the electronic fence, but they do not keep any other animals or dogs out of your yard.

Plus, what will happen if the batteries die or the transmitter stops working? Your dog can walk right out of your yard!

What About Traditional Fences

Many people like traditional fences for their yards but they can be expensive to put up, too. And, over the years, a traditional fence can become an eyesore. Fences sag and rust. Even an ordinary chain link fence is not much to look at. If you live in a lovely area, a traditional fence can block your views. Some neighborhoods will not allow you to install traditional fencing. What can you do?

A Better Alternative: Best Friend Fences

There is a better alternative to an electronic fence that will still allow you to keep your yard looking nice, without putting up a traditional fence. Dog Friendly Fences, such as Best Friend Fence, use a dark polypropylene plastic material for fencing. This material is a mesh netting that is virtually invisible when it is installed properly. The Best Friend Fence keeps your dog safe and keeps other animals out of your yard.

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Best Friend Fence

Your yard can go on looking beautiful without putting up any traditional fences to block your views.

There are no electric shocks for your dog with the Best Friend Fence. You don’t have to worry about batteries dying or a transmitter quitting. Your dog is protected behind a mesh barrier that is tailored to his size. Best Friend Fences come in many different sizes so you can choose the size that is right for your dog.

You can choose a kit from Rover’s Retreat, Puppy’s Paradise, K9 Court, Dukes Domain and 4′ or 5’ high Ultimate Farm and Garden kit. There is a Best Friend Fence kit for every size dog. Every kit provides a high quality dog fence with netting that is especially created for maximum flex, strength, and durability. You can attach the UV-treated, black polypropylene mesh to trees that are already in your yard or you can purchase the Best Friend posts as they provide better protection and have a beautiful design. The Best Friend Dog Fence is a cost effective option for a caring pet owner.

Best Friend Fence kits are easy to install and you can move the mesh fencing later if you prefer. The mesh is strong, durable, and UV-resistant. The black mesh of the fencing virtually disappears into the background once installed and is hardly noticeable. Yet it will keep your dog safely confined in your yard, without worries.

Best Friend Dog Fence is visually appealing, incredibly strong, and it safely keeps your dog in your yard without any electric wires, unattractive fences, or costly dog fence products. The dog fence kits are carefully constructed and include everything you need so you can easily install a virtually invisible barrier on your property. Your Best Friend Dog Fence will keep your dog safe and protect your property and landscaping from other animals and pests for years.

You can install the Best Friend Dog Fence yourself, or you can have the fence professionally installed by Best Friend Fence.

Contact Best Friend Fence for more information about Best Friend Dog Fence. Call 1-800-753-4880 to speak to a representative or e-mail them. Visit for more information.

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Tatiana is a Los Angeles, CA based dog care and behavior counselor with 26 years of experience working with dogs and their families. She holds a M.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Animal Behavior.