Puppy Training

Los Angeles Private Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training Our Los Angeles private puppy training lessons are for puppies seven weeks of age and older. The purpose of the program is to educate you on the fundamentals of puppy behavior and care so that you can communicate clearly with your pet. You will learn how to teach your dog basic commands and to solve behavior problems, such as destructive chewing, nipping, jumping up on people and objects, house soiling and pulling. You will also learn how to properly socialize your puppy.

Our puppy trainer will teach you how to use hand signals and voice commands to properly communicate with your puppy without using treats or food. Our goal is to make sure that your puppy listens to you at all times, not only when there is food involved.

We have the dog training programs you need. With each Puppy Training program you will receive:

  • Customized basic obedience & behavior modification programs
  • Free dietary & fitness advice
  • Customized nutrition programs
  • The most advanced and humane training tools

In-home puppy training lessons are available in West Los Angeles and surrounding areas including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica

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Puppy Socialization

The purpose of socializing a puppy is to introduce him to as many experiences as possible to prevent the development of behavioral problems. A well-socialized puppy that has already experienced an assortment of things, heard different noises, been taken to different places, interacted with different people and children will become more adaptable and confident.

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