Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 310-390-0380

I don't live in Los Angeles' Westside neighborhoods, can you still help me?

1. Out-of-state and international

Please contact us to learn about our out-of-state and international services.

2. California residents

Please see a list of our service areas, if you don't live in those areas, we we will help you find another professional if necessary.

What are the benefits of private training versus group classes?

Private dog training allows you to tailor the training program to exactly what your dog needs at this point in time and to work it around your schedule.

Not all dogs should be in group class environments nor would it be beneficial to them. Behavioral problems occur in specific settings therefore you should consider private and in-home training.

What type of methods do you use to train dogs or modify their behavior?

Unlike other dog training programs, we teach dogs to listen to you at all times without food rewards or punishment. We use real life rewards instead. Our motto is to keep dog training short and simple and to encourage a healthier lifestyle for your pet. Learn more about our dog training approach.

What do you mean with "holistic approach"?

Training a dog holistically is about gaining insights into the whole dog by understanding the relationships and interactions between the elements that comprise the dog's whole system. This type of training offers an alternative approach to helping dogs overcome behavioral and emotional challenges by gaining a balance in the dog's life and developing a positive creative perspective to manage challenges.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and cash as a form of payment. Each training session should be paid for in advance. Sorry, no checks.

Is my dog too old to train?

No, we work with dogs of all ages, however, it is recommendable to verify with your veterinarian that your dog is in good health. Health problems might affect your dog's behavior and interfere with her training.

Do you guarantee results?

No, and be wary of any dog professional that does. We refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training, because there is no sure way to guarantee the cooperation and performance of all parties involved and because the knowledge of animal behavior is incomplete (APDT Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility). This should not be confused with our desire to guarantee client satisfaction with professional services.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

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